Perfection - A state of mind !

A heartfelt conversation over a cuppa chai with a male pal got me really pensive again, when he mentioned about his rejecting a prospective alliance on the stupid grounds of she not being a virgin, which according to him was a deciding factor despite the rest everything being absolutely ‘Perfect’ (In his words) about her.

Before I pour in any thoughts on this never ending topic of debate about what’s the issue about the small tissue, I have a few questions that I need an answer for.

Don’t we all need someone who appreciates the little little things that we do? Let’s be honest, we all have ample number of losers around us who are either jealous of us (or even hate us) or are too keen on pin pointing at our imperfections. And trust me, we are all way better off without their presence in our lives, ‘coz all we need is someone who would love us despite these imperfections. Someone who appreciates and admires not the talent that the entire world is a fan of (Yes, all of us are blessed with something extraordinary that can attract millions of followers, so believe in yourself and hone it ! :) ), but us, for who we are, we as a person, a jig-saw puzzle made out of putting together a whole lot of asymmetrical pieces. The amount of push that these few words/gestures of appraisal might give you in life is immense. Immense beyond your ability to even comprehend. It’s a different high altogether. Every time my guy tells me, “You’re beautiful !”, I start beaming with confidence. My hips attune themselves to the tic-toc of my heels as I walk with my head held high. :)

Don’t you think perfect is too trite and ummm boring? Just think about it. If everything, everyone around us was perfect, creativity, the term, and it’s fellow synonyms would have never found a place in the English Thesaurus. There would be nothing to laugh at (Cmon, there is no such thing as a perfect joke or a perfect comedian), or to wonder about. No room for improvement, no zeal to rise high and touch the sky. Everything would be so grounded and low, so mediocre, yet PERFECT !

So many pointless things we do everyday, every hour. Things that will make absolutely no sense tomorrow morning when we wake up from the hangover. The pointless things that you would pay no mind to as they somehow draw you away from being perfect. But don’t you think it’s these pointless things that you did at a given time, that made you laugh, experience immense joy and if captured right on time (for facebook photos) actually imprinted a memory in your head that you will always wanna go back to and smile? :) Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life and it’d even lose it’s imperfection.

Well, let’s see, what’s perfect? Umm something that has a set pre-conceived pattern which is supposed to be the ‘best’. Don’t you think that’s hypocrisy? Come on, let’s be a little rational. Who in the first place planted this notion of ‘perfect’? Not you, not me, but some dumbfuck who had zero imagination and thought this is it. I can’t do better than this. And here we go, let’s fix it right here and coin it as ‘perfect’. And who gave him this authority to do, aah! only good lord knows. Oh wait a minute, is God perfect either? As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna had multiple flings and he apparently made out with a couple of women apart from his wife and didnt even have the balls to marry the love of his life. For Christ’s sake, Lord Shiva, the coolest god of them all, always trusted in weed. So yea, who are we fooling here ! (PS: I am an atheist and these views are expressed not to hurt any religious sentiments of whosoever but just to draw an analogy.)

Had I been perfect, I ‘wonder’ this post would have never been up on this blog. So many things to write, so many stories to tell. if I would only find the right outlet, heated thoughts and ideas would gush out like lava, congealing into a steady stream of inventive works, the likes of which the world would love to devour. Something so right, something perfect ! But that wont happen. The words that seem perfect to me might just have no meaning for you.

So why the fuss of being perfect, having perfect, doing perfect, looking perfect, and loving the perfect? How about adding some spice to life? How about shaking hands with the real that’s basking victoriously in it’s imperfect sense of being?
Hey, remember how the social media world went berserk when Anushka Sharma got a lip job done in order to seek ‘the perfect lips’ but she fell flat on face (literally! LOL :D. Ok, now stop thinking about the ugly duckling and read on.)

Perfection is a state of mind. Push it off your hind. Come, let’s fall in love with the imperfect ! :)

'We are all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness, and call it love' ~Dr. Seuss


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Innocence, thy power !

You sit on my bed and look up at me
Toss my hair and smile invitingly
I pull off my shirt and you yours
Your hand on your belt and you pause
I turn again and close my eyes
To stop these fantasies I can only try
Exhausted tears obscure my sight
Day dreams haunt me through the night
If only you would let me go
By trampling all over my hopes
But you play with me before
You finally decide to slam the door
Miles away you are so near
You break my confidence and invoke my fears
Innocence, you hold the Power in your hand
I am all yours for I am only a woman.


In The Eyes Of You…

I stand before you
And I wonder what you see.
Do you see my deep, brown, almond-shaped eyes;
My full lips and long, dark hair;
Skin the color of brown sugar;
My hips made for the salsa;
Hands that can make expert tortillas and play the guitar?
Do you see the mountains and sunsets of my land,
Or my beautiful flag, glorious in its wave?
Do you hear the song of my conquests?
Do you lose yourself in the clear waters and white sand of my beaches?
Listen closely inside of me,
Hear my ancestors chanting hymns
With their sparkling eyes and smooth black hair,
As they dance unknowingly to the song of the wind.
These are the wonders of my land and of my people,
The things that make me who I am—
My beauty, mi tierra.

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Maine Dekha Hai…

क्या तुमने कभी मौसम को बदलते देखा है?

मैं ने देखा है…

जब बारिश में वो खिल्खिलाति हँसी

पतझड़ में एक सूखा पत्ता बन

कहीं दूर् उड जाती 

और किसी के पैरों तले दम तोड़ देती


क्या तुमने कभी खुशबू को बदलते देखा है?

मैं ने देखा है…

याद है मेरा वो पिंक सैटिन night suit?

और उसमें तुम्हारे favorite परफ्यूम की खुशबू

वो परफ्यूम तो कब का उड गया

पर खुशबू आज भी है… तुम्हारी खुशबू


क्या तुमने कभी कोरे पन्नों को बदलते देखा है?

मैं ने देखा है…

हमने साथ बिताये सारे पल

इन कोरे पन्नों में साँस लेते

जब भी इनपे एक आँसू गिरता, ये कमजोर पड़ जाते

मुझे दर है कहीं इन आँसुओं में डूबके इनका दम ना घुट जाए


क्या तुमने कभी तुम्हे बदलते देखा है?

मैं ने देखा है…

तुम्हारे वो हाथ जो कभी

मेरी लाइफ के कैनवास पे रंग भरके मुस्कुरा उठते

आज मानो किसी और की ज़ुल्फों में 

अपना घर बना चुके हैं


क्या तुमने कभी मुझे बदलते देखा है?

नहीं ना?

कैसे देखोगे!

जब मौसम बदल रहे थे,

जब खुशबू कहीं खो रही थी,

जब कोरे पन्ने अपनी आखिरी साँसें गिन रहे थे,

तब तुम, मुझे भूल, किसी और की बाहों में सो रहे थे

तब, तुम्हे खोके, मैंने, मुझे बदलते देखा है…


You Will Miss Me…

When On Your Cheek Will Ba A 
Drop Of Tear 
When Lonely At Night You Will 
Tremble With Fear 
When You Have A Lot Of 
Things To Say 
But Simply No One With Whom 
You Could Share 
You Will Miss Me 

When You Will Look At The 
When You Will Be Alone At 
When you Will Get Sick And 
Receive No Card Of 
'Get Well Soon' 
You Will Miss Me 

When In Moon Lit Nights You 
Will Stay Awake 
When The Colours Of Spring 
Will Appear So Fake 
When You Will Be Sorry At What 
You Had And You Lost  
You Will Miss Me 

When You Will Shiver Alone In 
The Monsoon Rain 
When Someone’s Absence Will 
Cause Unbearable Pain 
When You Will Realize 
By Losing Me, What You Did Gain 
You Will Miss Me …


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Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan…


Between U & I is a myth.

A myth that makes you undermine your innerself,

And believe in everything that’s terrestrial.

Believe and Rise up.

Rise up from the ashes,

And embrace the expanse of beauty spread around.

Beauty is No beauty,

Has it no admirers.

Break free from the shackles of social debris,

Unchain your innerself from the fear,

Fear of falling apart and falling down.

Trust me, I wont let you.

Be not the un-phoenix, and recreate the magic.

The magic, that once left us spell bound.

Let’s shake the myth and relive the moment,

The moment of quintessence, where we truly belong.

Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why,

For I’ll only say,

Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan…



The Un-reciprocated

I will never lose you, 

For you ain’t a battle to win.

I might never win you, 

For I know I got too many imperfections.

I can’t let you go, 

For you rule my mind every second.

I can’t hold you forever, 

For i never owned you to do so.

I might never remember you, 

For the memories we made hurt.

I might never forget you, 

For I exist to think about you.

I don’t love you for things you say, 

For everything remained unsaid.

I don’t love you for the way you made me feel, 

For you kept your distance forever.

I won’t stop you when you turn to leave, 

For I have no rights to do so.

Unconditional, unrequited,

Maybe it was meant to be.


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Main Shair Toh Nahi…

This post will echo my random musings and my trysts with shayari once in a while. It shall be updated as and when thoughts blossom and give way to new musings. 

जाने क्या मुझसे ज़माना चाहता है

मेरा दिल तोड़ कर मुझे ही हसाना चाहता है

जाने क्या बात झलकती है मेरे चेहरे से

हर शख्स मुझे आज़माना चाहता है

इश्क में जो डूब कर पार होते हैं

ऐसे आशिक़ मुद्दतो में एक बार होते हैं

हम वो आँसू नहीं जो एक दर्द पे हमेशा के लिए बह जायें

हम वो खुशी हैं जो होठों पे हमेशा के लिए रह जाते हैं

किसी को पाने की चाह में खुद को भूल जाना

कितना अजीब लगता है

मुस्कुराते होठों पे एक अश्क का छू जाना

कितना अजीब लगता है

वो तो अपना दर्द रो रो के सुनाते रहे

हमारी तन्हाइयों से आँख चुराते रहे

और हमें बेवफा का नाम मिला क्यूंकी

हम हर दर्द मुस्कुरा के छुपाते रहे

बादलों के दरमियाँ कुछ ऐसी साज़िश हुई

मेरा घर मिट्टी का था, मेरे ही घर बारिश हुई.

उसको भी ज़िद है बिजलियाँ गिराने की

हमें भी ज़िद है वहीं घर बसाने की

प्यार करूँगा तुझेसे मगर एक शर्त है मेरी

मैं बोली, शर्तों पे प्यार करना है,

तो क्या ज़रूरत है मेरी.


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Silence is Not always golden!

Silence is NOT always Golden!

What do you tell the man who is something and anything and everything that does not understand how good he really is?

You tell him he is handsome, beautiful. Cute when he wears a boyish grin when his eyes rest on your face. He is handsome most of the time and beautiful all the time, especially when he is sleeping. Light breaths and at utter peace with the world, no signs of stress in his body. 

You tell him he is a good cricketer. That his bowling pace speaks for itself and would baffle even players like Gayle while on the pitch. He is a good player but he is not the best. Motivate him but do not crush his dreams of being the next Sachin Tendulkar, or Virat Kohli, else he will never sleep in peace again. 

You tell him he is lovely. That his personality is wonderful and his mind fantastic. That he does not always know the right things to say or does not always do the right things in general, and that is what makes him lovely. That he makes decisions and tries and proves he is human instead of giving up and moving on. 

You tell him he is the little things. The crisp autumn air and the first snowfall gathering on rooftops. Laughing down park trails and running up and over park benches. Birds singing on cable wires and the calm before the storm. The little things that become the best memories. 

You tell him he has become your dream. And you two burned beneath the dying sun and set all you touched aflame. Singed flesh and ashen organs atop a scorched earth became soft September nights of passion and wonder. Enlighten him, make him dream too. 

You tell him what is on your mind and what he does not want to hear. Always be honest with him, but in the best possible way. He does not want to hear he is handsome, a good cricketer, absolutely lovely and he will probably deny it all. But a small part of him is thankful for the things you have to say. You tell him everything and anything and something, just like him. 

If you speak, he will listen and call you “cute” and maybe “creepy” or say you “take things too seriously” or something like that, but pay no mind to it. Smile and watch the fire grow in his eyes as his thoughts become something else entirely. But remain silent, and something and anything and everything will slowly become nothing.

"There is no word that man has created that can even come close to expressing the feeling of love. But sometimes, it’s only words that you have got to take his heart away."


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